Animal portrait

The mosaics created by the students of the Spilimbergo School will have no secrets after this workshop.

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About the animal's portaiture

Composition, rhythm, color, shape, heights, do you want to understand how it works? The mosaics created by the students of the Spilimbergo school will have no secrets after this workshop! You will experience all the rules and tricks of the contemporary technique created by the students of the Spilimbergo school. A perfect way to gain confidence in your work. You will explore composition, rhythm and color, and achieve new perspectives on your work, learning the synergy between materials, form and content. Hammer and hard cutting techniques will be used for stone and glass and tesserae will be set in mortar using the direct method. A little easier than the human portrait, the rules are quite similar, you will learn all the steps and tricks to make your own animal portrait in original contemporary mosaic! An original and truly contemporary mosaic to teachYou will learn the manipulation of the mosaic hammer to create the tesserae that give that inimitable look of the mosaics of the Spilimbergo school.The combination of colors, materials and shapes, creating the most contemporary andamenti.A theoretical course will be given for each step of the creation of your week.

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