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Who are the mosaic courses for?

These mosaic courses on the "Workshops" page are designed for mosaic enthusiasts with an intermediate and advanced level of knowledge, and who do not manage any economic activity in the field of mosaic. These courses are dedicated to those who already know how to use the traditional technique with hammer and hardie and who want to deepen a specific technique or subject.


Are you a beginner?

Some of the courses offered have a medium / high level of difficulty. Ask us for advice at artefactmosaicworkshop@gmail.com to find out which course is most suitable for you. For each course we will propose sketches, some simpler, others more complex, for everyone's needs.


Have you ever use a mosaic hammer?

The mosaic courses offered on the site presupposes the knowledge of the traditional technique with hammer and hardie, with a medium / high level of difficulty. Write me an email at artefactmosaicworkshop@gmail.com to agree together on a suitable path for you.


Are you a professional?

If you are a professional, or have a mosaic workshop or if you are a mosaic teacher, the page of the “Professional workshop” site is dedicated to you. You can contact me via the contact form or write to me to explain your needs. I will be happy to organize a personalized course based on the technical aspects you want to learn.The courses on the "Workshops" page are designed and reserved for passionate and amateur mosaic artists who have an intermediate level and do not manage an economical activity in the field of mosaic.

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How can I buy a course?

No registration is required to purchase a course on my site.You can choose the most suitable course for you in the “Workshops” page, and choose the dates in the drop-down menu under the course description.Through the "Add to cart" / "Buy now" button this will be loaded into the "Cart", page where the details of the selected course are summarized and where you can proceed for the "Checkout". Proceeding with the "Checkout" to complete the order, you will be asked for a series of Personal Data necessary to conclude the sales contract for the service: email, name, surname, address, city, country, post code, telephone, payment information ( card number, expiry date, security code). By clicking on "Pay and book your course", the payment and booking of the mosaic course will be made, with the conclusion of the contract. I remind you that payment is secured by SSL Secure Shopping, and in no case will I be able to personally see or receive your debit / credit / prepaid card information.You will receive an email confirming receipt of your order from me with the relevant information and details, which you will need to keep.In case you encounter problems in the payment, I invite you to write me at artefactmosaicworkshop@gmail.com. Before the course you will receve by email the sketches to choose and make during the course.


What is the payment method?

You can pay for your purchase with your credit / debit / prepaid card.