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A new approach of mosaic, with original themes thought to teach you all the rules, tricks and tips of the famous Spilimbergo School methods.

Our teaching approach helps the students to improve their mosaic vocabulary in the contemporary way.
You will gain new perspectives about your work and practice, learning about the synergism between materials, shape and content.
All our mosaic classes are based on homemade ready sketches. Done to teach you as best as possible the Spilimbergo School methods we love!

Spilimbergo knowledge

A new approach of mosaic, with original themes thought to teach you all the rules, tricks       and tips of the famous Spilimbergo techniques, theorical points every day, the use of the hammer and hardie, and so more!
The classes caters to those who wish to learn the beautiful craft of contemporary mosaic and create their own works of art.

True skills

You will be introduced to a wide variety of materials during the workshops, exploring  techniques, encouraged to experiment with color and texture to begin to discover the possibilities of the contemporary mosaic art. A real way of teaching, modern,  with  specific sketches who will help to understand what is the contemporary mosaic. You'll participate in every step of the creation of your piece, using the traditional tools, the hardie and hammer in an innovative way!

True masters

We both possess the Master Mosaic's diploma, obtained only after the successful completion of three years of study at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – the only legally recognized mosaic training institution, and participated at the specialization course, reserved only at the  six best students each year.

Unique studio to purpose all facets of mosaics from classical techniques to the contemporary abstraction withMasters mosaicists graduated from the Scuolamosaicisti del friuli.
All our subjects are prepared by ourselves, to be able to teach you at best the technique.
You will have the choice between several subjects which will be sent to you before your arrival.


Using the "martelina", the traditional hammer shaped like an half-moon, you will learn how to cut the tesserae which compose your mosaic.
A short hammer's practice cut to learn the contemporary's cut.
Explanation of the importance of andamenti and of their utility in the realization of the subjects.
Theoretical and practical lessons to understand how to mix materials, marbles and smalti.

our way of teaching, professional, original and unique.

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