This is the goal of this course, you will experiment how to realize a vibrating and pumped mosaic!

Thanks to this workshop, you will experiment all the rules and the tips of the contemporary technique created by the students of the school of Spilimbergo.

How to gain skills and confidence in your mosaic work? Exploring composition, rhythm, and color, and gain new perspectives about your own way to do mosaic, 

learning about the synergism between materials, shapes and the hight of them.

You will reach a new step in your art by doing this workshop who will open you new fields of investigation!

The class go beyond the small brick-shaped cuts to experiment with large scale cuts , and when and how to incorporate it sizes into a mosaic. You will learn to expand your hammer & hardie skills to manipulate larger pieces of glass and marble for texture and benefit of the method to create the nicest Spilimbergo's effect!

You can not find the dates you would like to come? It is always possible to ask for a workshop on request!