The portrait! One of our favorite subject!

You will learn all the steps and tips who will help you to create a magnificent contemporary mosaic portrait!

Come to learn from our experience and knowledge in making contemporary and original mosaic portraits!

Thanks to this workshop, you will experiment all the rules and the tips of the contemporary technique created by the students of the school of Spilimbergo.

You will learn the manipulation of the marteline to create the tesserae which give this inimitable aspect of the mosaics of the school.

The mixture of colors, materials and forms, so creating the most modern andamenti.

A small theoretical course will be given to you for every important stage of the creation of your week.

The portrait has a long tradition in the mosaic art. In this course you will get to know the complex method for the realization of a portrait using the contemporary Spilimbergo method, step by step!

 You always dreamed to understand how to create a suitable color scale for the flesh tones, realize a look who looks like a look, realistics lips and nose, all of that using the direct method on plastic layer, with hammer, mixing materials like Smalti and marbles?

You will work from a pre-selected portrait to focus on learning design techniques and material applications. Using the sketches we specifically realized as the best exercise to teach as best as possible our knowledge, you will have the complete palette of material you will need to use, and get all our experience in the portrait making!

In any case , it is always possible to ask for a course based on your subject. We can provide to prepare a sketch from your image with some fees.

Designed for advanced students, the participants should be familiar with smalti and have experience with hammer & hardie.

-The average size of the subjects is 25x25 centimeters.

-All our subjects are prepared by ourselves, to be able to teach you at best the technique.

You will have the choice between several subjects which will be sent to you before your arrival.

-The pallet of materials is prepared early, so that you can be guided at best during week.

-Few students end the subject of ours workshops, we take time to explain to you, to let you experiment, take in hand this new technique and shall correct together the errors.

Every person will receive the material necessary for the realization of its mosaic at the end of the week and its support.

-For every subject, two in the three days are necessary for their realization.

We can prepare a subject on request, in this case, the cost of the working time and the purchase of the additional materials will be chargeable to the student.

Our mosaic portrait workshops calendar.

  • July 16th-20th 2018
  • August 6th-10th 2018
  • November 13th-18th 2018
  • June 3rd-7th 2018

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