Did you know that the students of the Spilimbergo School passed two of the three years learning and practising the art to draw the andamenti?

It is not a case if the School is teaching it more than any other method, the ability to draw the “andamenti”, the flow and direction of the lines of tesserae, is THE key to create a mosaic who looks to a mosaic. Studying how to draw and plan out andamento and tessellation of mosaic lines is of obligatory value before creating a mosaic...

All our mosaics are done with andamenti, even the abstracts ones. We never start a mosaic with a complete and, as most as possible, a perfect produced sketch.

More reasons to this: You start to understand the way to mosaic the subject in terms of volumes, lights and shadows but also the colors you will have to use and their quantities and that is important...

An example here: from a old silver halide photography scanned and than worked on a famous photo program.

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