mosaic classes for professionals

The classes caters to professional mosaicists who want to increase their knowledge and learn the exhaustive process of contemporary mosaic and create their own works from the sketch to the application with graduated Masters.
These training courses aims to teach the student through the acquisition of high-level, technical skills stimulating creativity and knowledges able to mix a millenary craft with the most contemporary way of making.
The program will be decided and prepared specifically for each student.

Education and Experience

Mosaic courses for professionals

Program to gain crucial knowledge and take home applicable skills. The participants will learn from renowned Masters Mosaicists graduated from the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, who are leaders in their field. They both possess the Master Mosaic's diploma, obtained only after the successful completion of three years of study at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – the only legally recognized mosaic training institution, and participated at the specialization course, reserved at the  six best students each year.


The classes for professional provide you with the skills to work in mosaic in order to create aesthetically pleasing and technically right mosaics.

Complete skills

You get plenty of tuition, taught in a relaxed atmosphere so you will come away with a complete taught, specific characteristics of materials, methods, sketch creation, project management, implementation and execution of any project or commission.

Courses for professionals

A unique opportunity to receive guidance and instruction on your owntrue professional projects across the taught of two Graduated Masters.

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